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About me

Robert Bonitz

Having grown up in Eastern Germany,  I spent many hours sketching cars from my imagination. Looking back, I remember how difficult and challenging it was, seeing very few cars on the roads, and especially cars of different style and design. However, on occasion, I would see a car of foreign origin, which would motivate me to take out my sketchbook and start drawing.

During my days as a student, I attended a European School in Germany and spent one year at a High-School in the United States.  At the time, I focused my attention on languages and international business, rather than Art. Having completed my military service a few years later in Germany, I decided to study and find work in Paris.  I attended an international business school and obtained a degree in Management and Marketing. This degree incorporated a range of business techniques which gave me an understanding and appreciation of business methods and attitudes on a national and international basis. As a result of this course, I am currently working as a Multimedia Project Manager for a communication company in Paris which manages a large number of luxury brands on a domestic and international level.

Moving to Paris was the best thing that happened to me, as this is where I met my wife. During my time here, I have also met some fantastic people from many different countries across the world.

After taking some timeout from drawing, I have now re-discovered my desire for Art. The only difference is that my tools of preference have become digital and that cars are now not the only source of my inspiration.

Enjoy the images on my website!


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